We, as members of High Impact Church, recently hosted a special dinner event to show our love and appreciation for our amazing Leadership Ministry Team.

They are wholeheartedly committed to God and to each of us. We’re so grateful for the love and dedication of our founding Senior Pastors, Larry and Brenda Bizette, along with our Co-Pastors Jessie and Minnie Fair, and Co-Pastors Tim and Sandra Grant.

These 3 couples display giving and unselfish attitudes. They are always eager to pour of themselves into each of us. They never seem to tire of using their callings, giftings, anointings, and talents to help us mature and grow in our relationships with God.

The theme for our celebration was taken from Ecclesiastes 4:12 “And one standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer; three is even better, for a three-fold cord is not easily broken.”

It is a privilege and honor to serve alongside with this “3-fold cord” in fulfilling God’s Kingdom purposes.

Numbers have very important meanings in the Bible. I would like to share some thoughts about the significance of the number 3.

  1. In reference to our theme, the 3-fold cord, I did some research regarding the design of ropes/cords.

A single stranded rope is not able to bear or support very much weight. It can unravel and come apart easily. It does a poor job of distributing weight to its fibers and therefore is not good to use for heavy loads or a tough work load.

A double stranded rope is better than a single stranded one but still lacks the stability and strength needed for heavy loads or heavy weight bearing.

However, a 3-fold strand of rope is very hard to break. There is a multiplication and increase that takes place with each added strand. Therefore, it’s potential for strength is greater. It is more stable and it won’t unravel easily. Greater loads and weights are able to be carried or handled because of the unity of its woven strands. This provides a sense of security and protection when using it for any type of work.

The attributes of this 3-fold cord, strength, stability, power, security, protection, and unity are what we see in our “3-fold” Leadership Ministry Team.

  1. The number 3 is the number that represents completeness, wholeness and fullness. We see this in the divinity of the Godhead with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When God created mankind, we were made complete and whole with a spirit, a soul, and a body.

God has graced us wholly, fully, and completely with all we need at this time with the 3 couples He has chosen to be our leaders.

  1. The Bench of 3- The Jewish synagogues were structured with what was known as the Bench of 3 (symbolic of Father, Son and Holy Spirit). This group consisted of 3 Rabbis who were righteous men of a good reputation and who were well versed in the Torah (the scriptures).

They led the people and they made judgments according to the Torah and their study of God’s word.

There was also a Bench of 7 (symbolic of the 7 Spirits of God) who ministered and carried out the directions of the judgments made by the Bench of 3. This was part of the foundation of their government in the local synagogue.

Likewise, we at High Impact Church, have been given a governmental call and anointing from God. We have a “Bench of 3” who release revelations and directions given them from the Spirit of God so that we may fulfill our calls and mandates as individuals and as a corporate entity.

  1. In the Hebrew language, each letter has a symbol and a number attached to it. The Hebrew number 3 is represented by the letter Gimal. It is from the root word Gamal which means to “give out, to nourish until completely ripe, to do good, or to benefit.” This is an appropriate description of what our leaders do.

It also means “to carry or lift up” and so in the Hebrew, it represents the word camel.

Camels are unique creatures:

  • They are beasts of burden and are able to carry very heavy loads
  • They are service animals and were used to transport people from one location to another
  • They thrive and survive in harsh circumstances and terrain
  • They are able to travel long distances
  • They carry an internal supply of water and nourishment
  • They were used in the trade routes to deliver goods, supplies, and provisions
  • Their milk is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins
  • Their meat can be eaten and a single camel can feed a substantial number of families (we have 6!)

The above characteristics certainly apply to the “3-fold” set of Pastors at HIC.

I would like to share a section of a word from Chuck Pierce’s Glory of Zion recent newsletter. I felt it was very significant for us at HIC since it mentions the 3-fold cord.

Embrace your turning point.  Over this past season you’ve been sifted and you’ve been strained, and you have even fought for your very breath. But this is a day of change! This is a day of rearranging!  This is a time that I AM is sending a three-fold cord of empowerment into your soul that cannot be broken. For many of your nerves were strained and broken over the last seven years.  Many covenants that you thought would last are now lying by the wayside. I am now sending a three-fold cord to reform, and to restore, and to rebuild.  I am causing My restoration of your future to begin to rise.  Step into the well and the water that is now stirring and moving.  Watch Me begin to wash away what strained you.  Watch Me cause you to shine.  Watch Me give you new territory for this season. (I highlighted and underscored certain words)

In conclusion, I want to say Thank You, Lord for giving us at High Impact Church such quality men and women in our leadership to empower us so that we can continue moving forward reforming, restoring, and rebuilding according to Your mandate.

Blessings to All,

Denette Baudry